Where is the studio located?
New York, NY in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan
How quickly can I receive my prints?
Average turnaround time varies depending on the studio's schedule. Please let us know if you have a date in mind and we will make it happen. 
Do you travel?
Yes, although there are additional production fees involved although we make every effort to keep costs to a minimum. Please contact us for more information. 
Do you shoot with film or digital?
We shoot with either on a case by case basis. There are pros and cons to each. With digital, we can see what we're getting on set and I shoot more images and faster. With film, it will match the "End Times" series more closely – there is an organic beauty to analog photography that is still unmatched even with the top of the line digital back we use. If you have a preference please let us know.
Do we get JPEGs or outtakes?
 Un-retouched images are not included.
Can I post the photos on my social media?
We encourage social media posting once the final retouched images are delivered – especially once installed on your wall. 
Do you help with the framing?
Yes we have examples and images of recommended framing styles for every type of home.
What if I want a crying portrait?
You will need to do that but very young children often cry on their own.

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